About the Society

The aim of the society is to provide an outlet for local people who enjoy acting, directing, costume design and production, set designing and construction, properties making and coordination, publicity, etc. In other words all those disciplines involved in putting on as close to a professional dramatics production as possible.

The Society prides itself on it’s teamwork in bringing together groups of its members to work together to stage two productions a year.

The group has an excellent reputation for achieving consistently high standards that entertain audiences of locals as well as the many holiday makers who frequent Lyme Regis. It has the rare privilege of being able to perform in the Marine Theatre which must be one of the most envied theatre locations in the country and with a very special ambience for company and audience alike.

Between productions the committee arrange play reading evenings where members have the chance to read plays that may be staged in the future or just for the enjoyment of reading plays that are impractical stage by the group.

A newsletter is circulated to members to keep them informed of developments within the Society.

The society is run on behalf of its members by a small committee which handles all the necessary administration that is inevitable to coordinate the staging of two productions a year.

If you would like to become a member of the Society go to the Contacts & Links page